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Jamie Wineman AKA WolfGangGang is a visual and musical artist living in Winnetka,IL. Originally hailing from the Detroit area, Jamie attended the prestigious Cranbrook Kingswood school, which along with his musical family cultivated a deep appreciation of the arts.His love of music blossomed into a 15+ year career as a music producer and performer which continues today. Despite successes in the music industry, live events were abruptly halted at the onset of Covid-19 and Jamie searched for alternate mediums of creative expression. He stumbled into painting and never looked back. On any given day, Jamie can be found in his home based music and art studio. He draws inspiration from an eclectic taste in music, 80s slasher films, Northern Michigan, the City of Detroit, pop culture and his supportive family.

Artist Statement

My art is representative of my growth and change over the last two years as I maneuvered from music to the visual arts while working through substance abuse and mental health issues. Now living a healthier life, these works explore my newfound journey as a father and primal nature of my anxiety driven brain patterns. Simply put, I paint what I feel, when I feel it and how I feel it. Each brush and pen stroke drive me to a deeper crater of my mind; all the while manifesting the dopamine hits I craved for years in chaos. This collection is my therapy and my release. It is impulsively yet carefully filled to the brim with characters and ideas that exist in my imagination and dreams. Some thoughts tangible, some not, the language in which I decipher my thoughts on the canvas is universal to anyone who enjoys a good hunt. You will find things in my works for years if you continue to look hard enough.

Curriculum Vitae


Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School (2002)

Columbia College Chicago 

Music Business program (Did not graduate)

Solo Exhibitions

October 2023-Present - Neuroplasticity III, RPEC Highlandk Park, IL

February-March 2023- Neuroplasticity+, Metropolitan Museum of Design Detroit at Collected Detroit Gallery

October 2022- Neuroplasticity, Laughlin Gallery: Highland Park, IL 


March 2023- Faces by Dana Casadei for Downtown Magazine Detroit

February 2023- "Facing the Music"  by Julie Yolles for Detroit Jewish News (Cover Story)

Gallery Representation

Laughlin Gallery: Highland Park,IL

Collected Detroit: Detroit, MI

Other things

My Brand

Board of Directors

Metropolitan Museum of Detroit (M.M.O.D)

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